How to choose automation supplier? (1)

Damian Zabicki, 2021.08.11, Automation

An investment in the automation of production processes should be well thought out. It is therefore necessary to take into account a number of factors and criteria relating to both technical parameters and assumptions of an economic nature.

ELPLC automation systems

In the technological aspect, it is necessary to bear in mind, inter alia, properly specified course of the process, defining the functionality of the system and calculating the assumed technical parameters for individual operations. Equally important are the standards for drive technology and control devices, the way of work (automatic or semi-automatic), the way of supplying machines with components and receiving finished or finished products, as well as cycle times. ; in, the way of conversion, integration with the environment, media supply, etc. In turn, in relation to the business environment, the following are analyzed: investment payback time, method of financing, implementation time, the possibility of adapting the machine to changing market needs, etc.

A separate issue is the selection of an automation system supplier. His competences should translate into a properly selected concept of automation, and its conversion into a detailed multi-industry project. By choosing a competent supplier, you also get a guarantee of the smooth running of the project, its implementation, and the introduction of possible changes resulting from the changing technological course, which must be adapted to market needs.

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