TOMAI Factory System

TOMAI Factory System

Production management and monitoring system, collecting data from machines, analyzing them on-line and presenting the results in user-friendly reports.

Dampers assembly and testing line

Dampers assembly and testing line

Lines for the production and testing of dampers occupy a high position in the company's portfolio and have seen many innovations.

Zirconium nozzles lines

Zirconium nozzles lines

Robotic lines in the technological line for the production of zirconium nozzles, a product for the foundry industry.

How to choose automation supplier? (3)

Damian Zabicki / Bartlomiej Juszczyk, 2021.08.25, Automation

At the stage of selecting a supplier, it is worth checking its financial condition, which is a guarantee of the implementation of large projects. In addition, a competent supplier of automation systems should have its own specialized production capabilities.


The assumption of investing in an automation system is to obtain the assumed investment return within a specified time. Hence, the financing, as well as the designed technical solution, should be & ldquo; tailored & rdquo ;. Only a few suppliers with the appropriate financial potential can afford flexibility in this regard. It is worth emphasizing that a financially stable supplier is able to cope with large projects, the implementation of which is spread over a long time. In addition, many projects, especially prototypes, entail the need for the supplier to incur additional costs, resulting from the implementation of a number of additional tests, tests, prototypes, 3D printing, etc. The supplier should therefore have the appropriate financial potential and ideally, it should be located as native capital with the possibility of obtaining additional support at every stage of the project implementation.

Machining park

ELPLC machining park

The supplier's extensive machine park guarantees that mechanical components can be created in one place, and the application time is shortened, with a quick response to changes and the availability of spare parts. In addition, it guarantees the production of even the most complex atypical structural and transport elements, under the strict supervision of the constructor, with the possibility of modification and necessary changes at every stage of production.

Suitable production area.

The supplier should have buildings and production area that allow for comprehensive production, commissioning and performance of test production. Hence, it is important to provide a suitable hall area and transport lines (e.g. for access by a truck). The production hall should have access to media with appropriate parameters, allowing for the safe operation of the line during test runs.

ELPLC production site

It is worth paying attention to the convenient location of the supplier's seat. It is true that for the purposes of project implementation (e.g. in terms of testing, changes, options, inspections, etc.), mixed reality technology and remote access are increasingly used, but possible access to the place where the machines are built should be convenient. Hence, it is best that the design center and production halls are located in one place, close to key national roads and highways as well as an airport.

ELPLC S.A. is a company with Polish capital with a large financial background with the possibility of additional support from a financial investor & ndash; Tar Heel Capital. This translates not only into financial stability, but also into flexible forms of payment for machines (e.g. payment in tranches with deadlines adapted to the customer's needs).
With regard to the machine park, it is worth emphasizing that the ELPLC S.A. machining center is is based on CNC machines (8 pcs), conventional turning machines (9 pcs), lathes (9 pcs) and grinders (6 pcs). All this allows us to make even the smallest elements (subassemblies and spare parts) on our own, both for the needs of production and the availability of spare parts.
ELPLC SA, based in Tarnów, has two buildings with a total area around 4,200 m2, hence the designed machines are manufactured in Poland, in own production halls, located near the A4 highway. ELPLC S.A. location can be reached quickly from the airport Kraków-Balice or Rzeszów-Jasionka.

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