ELPLC Smart Factory

ELPLC Smart Factory

Production management and monitoring system, collecting data from machines, analyzing them on-line and presenting the results in user-friendly reports.

Dampers assembly and testing line

Dampers assembly and testing line

Lines for the production and testing of dampers occupy a high position in the company's portfolio and have seen many innovations.

Zirconium nozzles lines

Zirconium nozzles lines

Robotic lines in the technological line for the production of zirconium nozzles, a product for the foundry industry.

Damian Zabicki / Bartłomiej Juszczyk, 2021.09.01, Automation

It is safe to say that a good supplier is a global supplier.
Broad competences, experience in process automation, design and production capabilities, financial resources, as well as the structure of human resources, own machinery and appropriate object resources allow for global delivery of machines.

Customer relations

Only a few suppliers have the potential for a global reach. This requires adequate financial resources as well as human and infrastructure resources. A global supplier must meet a number of additional requirements, such as ensuring business continuity, risk management, proper flow of project documents and records of changes in the project, additional confirmation of project capabilities, meeting the criteria for additional verification in terms of potential and quality, etc.

Communication with the client

Efficient communication and circulation of sales, design and acceptance documentation are important for the proper implementation of the investment.
The process of selling investment goods usually proceeds simultaneously on many levels.
Both technical (eg process engineers), decision-making, opinion-making (eg maintenance services), purchasing and management units take part in the information flow process. Hence, appropriate activities must be selected, taking into account the organizational and decision-making structure of a specific client. That is why it is worth focusing on a supplier who adequately manages the following processes: sales, project implementation and after-sales.

Suitable production capabilities.

The supplier should have buildings and production halls that allow for comprehensive production, commissioning and performance of test production. Hence, it is important to provide a suitable hall area and transport lines (e.g. for access by a truck).
The production hall should have access to media with appropriate parameters, allowing for the safe operation of the line during test commissioning.

ELPLC S.A. - global supplier

Company ELPLC S.A. has a large technical and financial potential.
Hence, its machines are successfully operating in many countries, not only in Europe. Production and assembly stations, stations and lines work, among others. in Slovakia and Spain, and also in Bulgaria, Russia, the Czech Republic, France and in Great Britain, China, Mexico and the United States. At ELPLC S.A. the sales process is coordinated and supported by the Sales Department, ensuring the highest level of communication and ensuring the efficient flow of technical information, starting from proving the competences and resources of ELPLC S.A., collecting data for conceptual work, presenting concepts, by introducing changes to the concept and submitting a technical and commercial offer corresponding to the client's needs, up to the coordination of the circulation of order documents. All this so that the process of selecting a & ldquo; tailored solution & rdquo; proceeded quickly and efficiently.

On the other hand, at the stage of project implementation, the communication of ELPLC S.A. with the client, a Project Manager is assigned, who has comprehensive knowledge and competences for the efficient implementation of the project. It is the first line of communication and coordinates the course of work in all executive sectors. The Project Manager manages the production process, machine commissioning, collection, transfer of documentation and ensures proper after-sales service in terms of modernization and adaptation to any changes in the process.

At the stage of investment implementation, the company ELPLC S.A. prepares a work schedule that is transferred to the client. Project Manager watches over its course. Possible corrections and changes are introduced on an ongoing basis, in constant consultation with the client, so that the project is completed on time.