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Dampers assembly line

Dampers assembly line

Linie przeznaczone do produkcji i testowania amortyzatorów zajmują wysoką pozycję w portfolio firmy i doczekały się wielu innowacji.

TOMAI Factory System

TOMAI Factory System

Production management and monitoring system, collecting data from machines, analyzing them on-line and presenting the results in user-friendly reports.


Full range of services for industry

Automation & robotization

Full range of services in the field of automation and robotization.

Machines & lines building

We create complete production & technological lines.

Modernization of existing lines

We offer our experience in modernizing existing lines and machines.

Software for industry

Software and systems tailored to the needs of the factory environment.

Service & maintenance

Warranty services & maintenance contracts tailored to the client needs.

Research & Development

Prototype mechatronic and robotic solutions for various industries.

Machine design and construction

ELPLC manufactures specialized and prototype solutions in the field of automation and robotization of production processes. We specialize in the design and build of machines, complete assembly lines, automated stations and software development for the industry. We offer our solutions for various industries: automotive, e-mobility, renewable energy, metallurgy, ceramics, plastics, construction, chemistry, electronics, electrical engineering and others. We provide solutions in the area of ​​Industry 4.0 – Smart Factory and are a pioneer in the field of industrial solutions using mixed and augmented reality.

ELPLC is a team of almost 200 specialists, including designers, programmers, mechatronics, automation specialists and engineers. We have our own Research and Development Center (ministerial CBR status from 2021) and a modern production infrastructure.


Let’s create the Future together!


I started my career at ELPLC as an electrician-automation engineer right after finishing my education. It was my first job. After some time, I made the difficult decision to move to the UK. After returning to the country, I again directed my steps to the ELPLC. After almost a year of work as an automation engineer, I joined the team of project managers. Currently, I run large projects on my own.

How to become a good project manager? Coffee, coffee and three more coffees…. Seriously, I never thought about becoming a project manager, it wasn’t my goal in itself. However, the next pieces of the puzzle in my career showed that I not only had the right skills, but also showed up at the right place at the right time. In my case it was a coincidence of positive circumstances and coffee 😉


I found myself in the company thanks to a six-month student internship. At the very beginning, I dealt with vision systems, i.e. I created programs for cameras implemented on production lines. Currently, I am the leader of a team of programmers creating client applications and solutions Smart Factory, including applications using extended glasses reality. I had the pleasure of presenting our achievements during various conferences and events, including on the occasion of the inauguration of the Future Industry Incubator in Tarnów.


I have been working at ELPLC for three years. Despite my extensive seniority and experience, the beginnings were difficult for me… I changed the industry from machine tools, as well as a long-standing position of commercial director to a position in the logistics and purchasing department.

It was a new challenge for me. I had to learn the assortment, programs, meet new suppliers, and I didn’t know anyone in the department. However, everyone turned out to be very helpful and somehow I survived the difficult beginnings. Today, I am an employee who is able to meet all the challenges related to the continuous and rapid development of the company in the broadly understood field of logistics and supply. I love spending my free time actively. I really like good and strong live and turntable music.


My life motto is “beautiful, splendidly, wonderful!” I like what I do. At ELPLC, I am the manager of the Mechanical Department. I work in a company that implements interesting and prototype projects. Cooperation in a team of people, where everyone is a specialist in their field, is valuable.

Practical vocational training is a treasure and at the same time the greatest challenge you have to face. Enthusiasm and passion, which is not lacking in my team – is an indicator of what is happening at ELPLC. We work on advanced machine tools and machining centers. We use modern tools and CAM/CAE software, thanks to which we produce details at the highest standard.


At the technical school, I put a lot of effort into practical learning of the profession, going beyond my specialization, which is electronics. The acquired skills made me more interested in working with metal, and that’s where I connected my future as a miller at ELPLC. Contact with the material, learning how to process, welding and developing craftsmanship – I took it all from home. I am proud that I was able to learn under the guidance of my grandfather, father and uncle over the years. Now I am deepening my passion thanks to my colleagues in the company. I like working with them – we have good energy and mutual respect.

In my free time, I tinker, I do beekeeping, I help my dad in everyday work. I associate my future with Poland, where I want to realize my potential and skills.


I have been working at ELPLC for 16 years. I lead a team responsible for software development for industrial applications. These are traceability systems, laboratory measurement systems, production support applications, vision control and measurement systems. For me, the most important thing is the opportunity to work with a team of fantastic professionals and enthusiasts, on innovative projects for clients from around the world.
From the beginning of my work at ELPLC, I have witnessed the development of the company.


I have been working in ELPLC since 2011. At the beginning I used to design electric circuits and program PLC controllers. At present I am a member of a team dealing with production process automatization based on PLC controllers. Team of programmers where I have a privilege to work, is a group of fantastic people who support each other – together we solve all problems. Continuous development and implementation of innovative solutions is most important for me – elPLC gives it to me to full extent. Observing company keeping on developing, I am confident that this is the right place for me to be.

After work, I like to spend my time with my family and friends.

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