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Dampers assembly line

Dampers assembly line

Linie przeznaczone do produkcji i testowania amortyzatorów zajmują wysoką pozycję w portfolio firmy i doczekały się wielu innowacji.

TOMAI Factory System

TOMAI Factory System

Production management and monitoring system, collecting data from machines, analyzing them on-line and presenting the results in user-friendly reports.


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Selected processes on electronic equipment assembly lines (2)

Testing plays a key role in the manufacturing process of products, software and many other solutions. It is especially important in the manufacturing automation and robotics industry, because it af…

Selected processes on electronic equipment assembly lines (1)

The electronics industry uses many processes to manufacture equipment. These processes have a significant impact on the quality and efficiency of production. Automation of processes reduces product…

Lines and machinery in the production of automotive air conditioning ducts (2)

The requirements that arise in systems using CO2 as a refrigerant do not bypass air-conditioning tubing either. One method is to manufacture a duct from AEM rubber [2] reinforced with a steel braid…

Lines and machinery in the production of automotive air conditioning ducts (1)

Air conditioning in the car is associated with comfortable use of the vehicle, especially in summer. The guarantee of its proper functioning is not only regular servicing, but also the quality of w…

Robotized installation of automotive lights

The lighting installed in automobiles has changed with the development of automobiles. The initial Ford T models still used carbide lamps, but by the 1920s dynamos and electric bulbs began to be wi…

How to verify the pressure strength of air conditioning condensers using a vision system?

Vision quality assessment systems are used in a variety of applications where it is important to check such features as dimensions, correctness of assembly, surface properties, shape, color, etc. T…

ELPLC S.A. builds robotic choke production line

According to estimates by the Energy Market Agency, the installed capacity of photovoltaics in Poland at the end of November 2022 was 11.92 GW, accounting for 54% of the installed capacity of RES. …

ELPLC S.A. will build a production line for e-bike batteries.

Electric bicycles are not a new invention, but it is only in the last decade or so that they have been rapidly gaining popularity, thanks to the reduction in size and weight of the battery and moto…

Benefits of automating complex assembly and testing processes, exemplified by production lines for shock absorbers and gas springs

The potential of ELPLC S.A. primarily lies in the ability to design and implement prototype stations, workstations, and lines that precisely meet the needs and address the issues present in industr…

What Does a Design Engineer’s Job Look Like at ELPLC S.A.?

ELPLC S.A. specializes in the design and construction of machines in the form of workstations, stations, and production and assembly lines, which automate technological processes across virtually a…

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