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Condenser proof tester based on vision system

Condenser proof tester based on vision system

A machine for proof testing of the cores of coolers and air-conditioning condensers after the pressure test. It is equipped with a movable vision system consisting of 5 to 7 cameras.

Main features

Parameter Value
Testing unit Movable vision system
Camera count 5-7
Control system PLC
Testing cycle 40-60s according to component dimensions
Photo count during cycle 1000-2000

Automation of the testing process

The station is designed to check the compliance of the condensers’ geometry after the pressure test (proof test). The main system of the station is a movable vision system with 5-7 hi-res cameras (COGNEX). The station operator’s task is to install the condenser. It is pressed against the base as referenced and locked, and the optical scanner checks the label code. The main step in the station’s work cycle are the runs of the vision system measuring the thickness of the tube after the pressure test. The number of passes is calculated by the program depending on the given component size. The data from the measurement with the vision system are processed using a dedicated analyzing algorithm. The station has already been implemented many times in plants all over the world.


  • Autonomous test station
  • Many successfull applications: China, Brasil, South Africa, Thailand, Poland, USA, Mexico

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