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Crimping machine

Crimping machine

Machine for radial crimping of rubber hoses and a metal ring with elimination of eccentricity.

Main features compared to typical solutions

Feature ELPLC Typical
Crimping process 12 movable jaws
Equal distribution of forces between all 12 jaws 
single fixed jaw, causes eccentricity
Hollow shaft 350 mm 220 mm
Process control Force or distance based Only distance
Control system Integrated Integration needed

Radial crimping without eccentricity

Machine for radially crimping rubber hoses (Air Sleeves) with a metal ring. The main goal was to eliminate the eccentricity of crimping. The phenomenon occurs in typical simple crimping machines with one fixed jaw, pressed against it. The machine consists of two stations – preliminary assembly of the rubber element and manual loading and crimping. Estimated crimping force up to 3500 kN. The station is most often a gas spring assembly line module, while the developed radial crimping technology can be used wherever this process is part of the production.


  • Station with innovative 12 jaws crimping system
  • Part of gas srpings assembly process

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