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Dampers assembly line

Dampers assembly line

Modułowa linia technologiczna do montażu i testowania amortyzatorów samochodowych, umożliwiająca odbiorcom zwiększenie efektywności i elastyczności produkcji.

Main features

Parameter Value
Tube diameter 30-60 mm
Product height 120-1000 mm
Product weight up to 8 kg
Oil dosing 60-600 ml
General Modular line with the possibility of expansion
Transport system based on convertible pallets
Automatic oil filling
Innovative Functional Test System (CTS)
Innovative gas filling and closing system (EPICS)
Gas force test station
Thread quality verification station
Cap installation station
Product labeling station
Final Inspection Station (Vision System)
Developed in 2019/20 with the support of the National Center for Research and Development
Additional features Checking the quality of the thread on the piston rod and the dimensions and completeness of the entire damper (vision), cleaning the thread, anti-corrosion protection system, robotic sinking of the piston rod, bypass enabling the line to be converted to produce a completely new product within one 7s cycle time.

Modularity and other design goals

The entire line is divided into modules that can be easily reconfigured and thus change the sequence of assembly stages. Example line configuration:

Module 1 – loading, oil filling of dampers, robotic assembly of piston rod
Module 2 – pressing in the rod guide integrated with the damper damping characteristics control module (CTS)
Module 3 – nitrogen filling and closing damper by rolling (EPICS)
Module 4 – measurement of the force generated by nitrogen in the damper, free state total length control and velocity of the rod travel under gas pressure
Module 5 – pressing in a sliding shoe and thread quality control
Module 6 – printing and sticking labels
Module 7 – control of selected dimensions and complete assembly of the dampers

The modularity of the line is one of the key goals of the project, among which there were also issues related to the high accuracy of measurement of the tested elements, automation of the technological process and the lifetime of individual line modules. The achieved degree of automation allows the line to be fully operated by one or two operators. Not without significance is the option of implementing a 6-axis robot in the piston rod embedding module, which replaces the operator in a monotonous, cumbersome and non-ergonomic operation.

Innovative stations

CTS – ensures repeatability thanks to linear drives and real-time control system – the innovative damping force control system developed by ELPLC allows to test the functional characteristics of the dampers based on electromagnetic linear motors, allows to measure the damping force in the range from -6500N to 6500N depending on the 0 to 400mm working position. Test speed from 0.5 mm / s to 1000 mm / s. The assumed accuracy of the damping force measurement is almost 10 times greater than in the case of typical designs based on hydraulic drives. The CTS is equipped with two SIEMENS linear motors with a maximum compression force of Fmax = 10kN.

CTS – product site

EPICS – the operation of this station is, in short, the closing of the upper part of the cylinder with the simultaneous gas filling and maintaining the appropriate gas pressure in the damper. The approach of the closing system is realized by a SIEMENS servo drive. Then, through the gear, it turns the ball screw coupled with the spinning head. The system moves until the force value set is reached. Thus, the path depends on the occurrence of a given force value, and this depends on the type of damper (thickness of the rolled wall of the cylinder, other components and final product requirements).

The main innovation here is the integration so far of two separate modules in a single station. Instead of two operations, usually carried out on two machines: initial closure with gas filling and final closure, everything is done in one move. This has the major effect of an operational benefit in reducing cycle times by more than 50%. Other benefits include the ease of analyzing the closing force and the use of a real-time controller in place of an additional computer.

EPICS product site

TOMAI Factory System included

TOMAI Factory System is an intelligent production management tool created by engineers for engineers, with full traceability functionality. Four main modules: a data collection module, a module for viewing the current state of the line, a diagnostics and historical data analysis module, and a Web application provide great possibilities of adjusting to the customer’s needs.

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