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ELPLC S.A. will build a production line for e-bike batteries.

Electric bicycles are not a new invention, but it is only in the last decade or so that they have been rapidly gaining popularity, thanks to the reduction in size and weight of the battery and motor. The general trend of increasing bicycle traffic (e.g., about 30% growth in Polish cities in 2021) takes into account the growing interest in electric bicycles. The international organization CONEBI (Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry), commenting on the record level of more than 22 million bicycles sold in 2021 in the 27 EU countries and the UK, noted that this growth was driven by the sale of more than 5 million e-bikes. Not surprisingly, demand for components and accessories is growing. Suppliers of key components, such as motors and batteries, need to increase their production capacity in a market situation where there are problems finding workers. The solution to this situation is to automate and robotize production.

ELPLC S.A.’s competence and experience in automating and robotizing production and assembly processes have been recognized by the customer. We have signed the largest contract in the company’s history just for the construction of an electron tube battery production line. It will be a line with an estimated length of about 38 meters, a high degree of automation and robotization with a variety of assembly, welding and testing processes. It will also include labeling and packaging.

Product quality will be checked by test stations. The line will be equipped with ELPLC’s Smart Factory software, a production management and monitoring system that collects data from machines, analyzes it online and presents the results in reports that are easy for operators to read. It will enable the determination of OEE and defined KPIs, as well as analysis of production flow and micro-downtime. It will provide information to UR services enabling early line diagnostics – Predictive Maintenance.

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