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How to Choose an Automation System Supplier? (5)

When choosing an automation system provider, it is worth checking their capabilities in integrating drive technology, control, and communication devices from different manufacturers.The need to use devices from a specific manufacturer may arise from corporate requirements or other standards adopted in factories. The automation system provider should be able to meet these requirements. This involves broad integration in terms of power supply, control, communication, and software. Such capabilities are confirmed by appropriate certifications.

Quality and Availability of Components Used

The highest quality of the components used determines the stability and reliability of the machine. This ensures production continuity and operational safety, minimizing the risk of unplanned downtime. Additionally, it is important to verify whether the provider has a well-equipped warehouse supported by IT tools and whether the client can verify the functioning of such a warehouse under real working conditions. The provider should demonstrate that their supply chain is well-organized and guarantees the availability of components regardless of market conditions.

Service and Remote Access

When choosing a provider, it is advantageous to select one who designs and manufactures machines with their own resources, guaranteeing fast service. However, a competent provider should foresee solutions during the preliminary design phase that minimize the likelihood of malfunctions. Additionally, the use of remote diagnostic tools to provide machine service support should be considered.

ELPLC S.A. is a certified partner of Siemens, the only one in Poland in the field of Advanced Motion drive technology. This is the highest level of certification, providing significantly greater technical capabilities concerning this manufacturer’s drive technology. As a result, solutions can be created that are optimally tailored to process needs. In terms of cooperation with robot suppliers, ELPLC S.A. boasts the SI Elite distinction, the highest status among Mitsubishi Electric integrators in Poland, and the KUKA Official System Partner status. Moreover, we can supply and integrate robots from other manufacturers and have our own prototype of a universal six-axis robot with a patented movable member made of carbon fiber (Unirobot).

To ensure the highest level of machine safety, ELPLC S.A. selects “top-shelf” components during the project phase. This allows the production of applications that are reliable and safe. Additionally, ELPLC S.A. has a large warehouse located directly next to the production hall. Supply continuity is ensured by agreements signed with suppliers.

ELPLC S.A. designs and manufactures machines independently, ensuring quick diagnostics and fault elimination. It is worth noting that ELPLC S.A., as a global provider, successfully utilizes tools for remote diagnostics and machine upgrades. It is also worth mentioning the continuously developed diagnostics based on augmented reality smart glasses by ELPLC S.A. This enables quick diagnostics and detection of machine operation irregularities. Furthermore, using such a solution, especially during COVID-19 restrictions, shortens the time for retooling, servicing, and inspections and reduces the probability of machine failures and unplanned downtime. The glasses can remotely collect process data for automation needs or indicate faults and failure points to maintenance services.


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