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How to Optimize Production – Discover the Possibilities of the TOMAI Factory System

How to Measure Work Efficiency and Obtain a Real Picture of the Human Factor’s Impact on the Entire Production Line? Problems with continuous performance disruptions and achieving production goals on our client’s large production line are now a thing of the past. A dedicated module for operator KPI analysis, as part of the TOMAI Factory System environment, has proven to be a good solution for optimizing production time.

In a typical application, this module aims to indicate the efficiency of operators’ work, their average working times, efficiency records, and inform the engineers of the production line about problems. These can be any performance disruptions and delays of a specific operator, affecting the work of other operators and the entire line.

Based on the collected data on the number of completed cycles, production boards, and the average operation time, the module’s software predicts whether, with the current ongoing production and its efficiency, the production line is capable of achieving the production goal. Regardless of the result, information will also be available on how many elements will be produced. You will learn about other functionalities useful in production optimization and more in our future posts.


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