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How to verify the pressure strength of air conditioning condensers using a vision system?

Vision quality assessment systems are used in a variety of applications where it is important to check such features as dimensions, correctness of assembly, surface properties, shape, color, etc. They are an important module of robotic assembly lines, and are a source of information about defects in technological processes. An example of this is a station designed to visually inspect the compliance of condensers after a pressure test.

Quality testing of condensers

The aluminum tubes that make up the condenser should be properly formed, which depends, among other things, on the quality of the soldering process of the internal fins. The condenser, as a component of the air-conditioning system, must be tested with adequate pressure to check its tightness. In the case of improper soldering, the pressure test causes the tube to deform.

It may still be tight, but such deformation should cause the condenser to be rejected as defectively made. Most often, a maximum of a single unsoldered fins is acceptable.

Vision inspection station

One condenser means many tubes and fins to inspect. The vision system of such a station is mobile, equipped with 5 to 7 cameras depending on the size of the condenser. It provides automatic evaluation of the entire component for tube deformation with an accuracy of 0.05mm. Several passes and 1,000 to 2,000 images are taken. The software allows locating defects by specifying the camera number and X,Y coordinates. The measurement result is given in % of the nominal tube height, i.e. a result close to 100% will be an OK result, while, for example, 224% will indicate a significant deformation. The machine is designed for use in mass production. It is equipped with a reader, a printer and a system for applying labels after the test is over. The station can be adapted to handle different references of condensers. The operator performs the loading and unloading of the condenser.

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