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Modernization of existing lines

Modernization of existing lines

When introducing a new product into production, one of the key issues is the decision to build a new line or rebuild the old one. We offer our experience in modernizing existing lines and machines.

1000+ modernizations

Various line types and vendors

190+ specialists
Designers, programmers, mechatronics
Various ranges of modernization
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A new life for a production line

When deciding to modernize a line or a machine, it is worth relying on an experienced supplier such as ELPLC, who has extensive specialist know-how in the field of automation and robotics equipment and its integration. A team of designers, mechatronics, automation specialists and programmers are able to optimally use the components of an existing line to modernize or complete a technological line for the needs of new production. Our own machine park is an additional advantage that allows the regeneration or modification of mechanical elements, as well as the rapid production of completely new details. Is it worth modernizing? Calculation is simple – the possibility of using existing components significantly reduces the costs of introducing new production, allows for reusing components instead of utilizing or storing them, which leads to reduction of waste and consumption of raw materials in the production process of new components.

Modularity – easier retrofitting in the future

When ordering a new production line, especially in industries where new types of products appear frequently, it is worth considering various aspects for future production. Of course, it is difficult to precisely define the parameters of future products, however, it is possible already at the stage of specification and design to define design patterns that will extend the useful life of the line.

One of the aspects is modularity – the modular structure of the technological line allows for its flexible reconfiguration in the future or replacement of a single module instead of the whole line. Modularity is achieved through the use of appropriate mechanical solutions, standardization of dimensions or elements that facilitate transport. An equally important aspect is the line retooling – it is a set of features recorded in the mechanical design, connection structure and programming method, which allows the use of the line or machine for future production references. In this way, the entire body and its infrastructure are universal and only a toolkit is replaced with a specific reference. Conversion must be intuitive, fast and safe. It is possible thanks to mechanical solutions in the form of ergonomic handles, grips or catches, connection solutions, e.g. in the form of coded quick couplers and design patterns in the software.

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Modernization services

  • comprehensive inventory of machines and devices
  • advising on investment feasibility
  • replacement of structural and mechanical elements
  • device and software upgrade
  • design and manufacturing of tools for new references
  • replacement of a control system
  • robotization
  • update and digitization of technical documentation
  • integration of new machines with the line
  • adaptation to cooperation with TOMAI Factory System or other external IT systems of Industry 4.0 class

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