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Service & maintenance

Service & maintenance

We provide warranty and post-warranty service, we offer maintenance contracts tailored to the needs, professional service and short reaction time. We focus on solving problems.

Max reaction time
Remote services
Remote support
Flexible contracts
Tailored maintenance

Warranty and post-warranty service

We provide warranty and post-warranty service. Our machines and lines are delivered with a complete set of documentation including detailed service instructions, lists of elements necessary for periodic inspection and lists of fast wearing parts. The whole of our service offer is characterized by flexibility and versatility as well as adaptation to the individual needs of our customers. The advantage of our maintenance services is the lack of any hourly limits for monthly service. The subscription fee covers the costs of commuting to the customer.

Short reaction times – we respond to any notification within a maximum of 24 hours. We usually repair defects within 72 hours, provided that they do not require complex deliveries of commercial components. Our specialists in various fields are also available by phone or teleconference for the customer’s maintenance team. Ask for details

Main scope of service work

  • repair and periodic services
  • remote diagnostics (VPN, PLC online)
  • inspections and inventory of existing machines and lines
  • functional tests of devices and systems
  • trainings and manuals 
  • advice on the selection of devices and systems
  • maintenance support

Safe remote diagnostics

Thanks to PLC drivers and the ability to install appropriate access devices, we have the ability to effectively and stable remote access. This enables proactive remote monitoring of machines and lines as well as software modification and maintenance. This solution reduces the need for physical commuting. It is a valuable functionality in the era of digitization, especially for plants located far from our headquarters.

Service and maintenance support thanks to TOMAI Factory System

Line efficiency and failure rate analysis module

This module allows you to define the relationship between alarms on production modules, define “bottlenecks”, the most common reasons for downtime, delays, jams, etc. From the level of TOMAI Factory System, all machine parameters are not only recorded, but also configured. Taking into account the working time of the production line and other machines, the maintenance department can plan inspections and repairs, which translates into a reduction in the risk of unplanned downtime.

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TOMAI Factory System

An example of the PLC step sequence analysis in TOMAI Factory System

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