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Software for industry

Software for industry

An experienced team of programmers from various fields allows you to create software and systems tailored to the needs of the factory environment.

TOMAI Factory System

Enter your production
into the world of Industry 4.0


A new dimension of engineering,
augmented reality.


Various systems
deep learning


Fast solutions
National Instruments


Easy labeling management in production


Optimal performance and
user friendly interfaces

TOMAI Factory System

TOMAI Factory System is a production management and monitoring system. It is also a system that collects data from machines, analyzes them in real time on-line and presents the results in user friendly reports. It consists of two modular applications: Monitoring and Web. It allows for the determination of production efficiency indicators and defined production parameters by analyzing the production flow and micro-stoppages. It provides information to maintenance team enabling early machine diagnostics – Predictive Maintenance.

TOMAI Factory System is a system created by engineers for engineers and an intelligent tool that represents Industry 4.0 standards.

AR/VR solutions

We develop augmented reality applications that are useful in supporting maintenance team and operators. In the C # .NET / Unity environment, we develop instructions, tutorials, and additional interactive information layers. These applications run on the Microsoft HoloLens2 interactive headset platform. This is a completely new method of user-machine interaction.

Vision systems

Vision systems implemented in lines and machines allow you to analyze object parameters such as: shape, dimensions, color, reading 1D and 2D codes, pattern and character recognition (OCR) and robot control. Extensive learning algorithms are increasingly used. Each solution in this area is designed taking into account the needs of a specific application, both in terms of functionality and service remote, local, from the level of mobile devices, as well as for reporting and integration with other solutions working in the factory. The use of vision quality control systems is very wide. Hence, applications of this type are used in most industries.

The investment in the implementation of such vision system pays off quickly, mainly due to the improvement of the effectiveness of the quality control process. It is performed automatically by eliminating errors that very often occur in quality control performed by operators. All this translates into improved production quality and reduction of losses.

Real time systems

We use the NI LabView environment to create and implement distributed systems in real time, for testing, monitoring and control.

Etykieta System NET

A complete system for handling industrial labeling: from the specs for the label, through its design, to the configuration of individual workstations and printing.

Main advantages:

  • A reliable, expandable system that works on many labeling stations in industrial plants
  • Professional technical support and service
  • Possibility to adapt the system to individual needs
  • Modern application architecture
  • Service incl. DirectProtocol, IPL, ZPL printing protocols

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