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TOMAI Factory System

TOMAI Factory System

Production management and monitoring system, collecting data from machines, analyzing them on-line and presenting the results in user-friendly reports. It consists of two modular applications: Monitoring and Web.

The term smart factory almost always appears in studies concerning the concept of the fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0. Manufacturing innovations, new business processes and advanced information technologies create a range of previously unknown opportunities. It can be said that a factory in the SMART version is basically two factories – one physical, i.e. specific machines, infrastructure, etc. The second is digital (digital twin), i.e. a reflection of the physical one in data defining the state of the process and its individual components. Of course, digital twin also needs a specific IT infrastructure based on its own hardware resources or cloud solutions plus software. The software seems to be the key factor in the effective use of the potential of the huge data stream that is obtained in this concept of the factory operation.

TOMAI Factory System is a system implemented many times and constantly developed (continuous development) based on the “digital twin” paradigm. It consists of two modular applications: Monitoring and Web. The heart of the system is the Monitoring application, providing a rich set of functionalities, gathered in four modules.

  • Support for most PLCs
  • Custom protocols
  • Dedicated local DB
  • MES, MRP, ERP integrations
  • IoT / Cloud options
  • Production data
  • Cycles and processes data
  • Operators work and downtimes
  • Global parameters values
  • Alarms and events
  • Materials traceability
  • Real-time tracking
  • Fulll component history
  • Component traceability
  • Serialization
  • Reference changes tracking
  • Events log
  • Production summary
  • Status pareto analysis
  • Parameters graphs
  • Operators efectivity
  • Average working times
  • Time records
  • Optimization
  • Line adaptation
  • Current line state preview
  • Detailed measurement data
  • Stats and reports
  • BOM tracking
  • Quick graphical info
  • Media history preview
  • Media status reports
  • Good manufacturing practises support (GMP)
  • Components full history
  • Easy recognition of quality issues
  • Performance analysis
  • Failure analysis
  • Causes identification
  • Downtimes, jams, delays
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Reports history
  • Summaries, analysis, logs
  • CSV export
  • Great possibilities of adjusting reports to the client needs
  • Access to current and historical data from anywhere in the world
  • Configuration module
  • Reporting module
  • Any OS
  • Any webrowser
  • PC, IPC, HMI
  • Customization options

Data collection module provides flexible possibilities of integration with other customer systems, both when it comes to sending data influencing production as well as receiving production data. By means of connections with basically any PLC controllers (Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron, Allen-Bradley, Beckhoff, etc.) or other systems, the module collects information about: production, cycles, processes, operator’s work, downtime, parameter values global, alarms and media consumption. Suchdata can be used for immediate analysis and can be stored in a local MSSQL database. The module provides monitoring and centralized management of production recipes (e.g. their comparison or synchronization). It also enables user authorization management, e.g. by logging in with RFID cards.

The module for viewing the current state of the line gives the possibility to track production in real time with details on measurement data, pending alarms, etc., and to create statistics and reports. You can follow the history of the currently produced part and its BOM. The summary view on the production line allows you to obtain quick graphical information on alarms and the production status at individual stations / units / modules.

The diagnostic and historical data analysis module provides a variety of reporting possibilities. The option of convenient personalization of reports and adapting the functionality to the specific needs of the client. The main task of this module is to facilitate the understanding of incoming data:

  • chart with parameter values in numerical over time
  • view of reference parameters changed by user
  • full production history for specific part
  • preview of individual parameters for selected stations
  • summary of work time, station downtime and event log
  • pareto status per station or day
  • production summary by pallet / slot number
  • report of global parameters, station status reports
  • view of history and analysis of media by status
  • data export (CSV)
  • predictive maintenance

The line efficiency and failure rate analysis module is a tool for comprehensive production analysis through the relationship between alarms on production modules, identifying bottlenecks, the most frequent causes of downtime, delays, jams or determining the sum of line delays broken down into different causes.

The additional KPI module for an operator’s work analysis helps determine the efficiency of an operator’s work, their average working times, records and provides valuable information to production engineers. The KPI module is implemented on new production lines at the customer’s request and adapted to specific requirements.

Thanks to the Web application, it is always possible to access current and historical data from anywhere in the company or anywhere in the world, any browser, any operating system. A configuration module and a reporting module are available.

TOMAI Factory System users appreciate its numerous functionalities, which are available by default without hidden costs, and professional expert support during implementation and service. It is a system created by engineers for engineers, it is an intelligent production management tool that fully represents the Industry 4.0 standards. It is worth noting that our lines and stations are designed to work with TOMAI Factory System – you get a comprehensive, fully integrated solution without the need for additional systems.

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