TOMAI Factory System

TOMAI Factory System

Production management and monitoring system, collecting data from machines, analyzing them on-line and presenting the results in user-friendly reports.

Dampers assembly and testing line

Dampers assembly and testing line

Lines for the production and testing of dampers occupy a high position in the company's portfolio and have seen many innovations.

Zirconium nozzles lines

Zirconium nozzles lines

Robotic lines in the technological line for the production of zirconium nozzles, a product for the foundry industry.

Selected Processes on Electronic Device Assembly Lines (1)

Bartlomiej Juszczyk, 2023.07.19, Machine buidling

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The electronics industry employs numerous processes for manufacturing devices. These processes significantly influence the quality and efficiency of production. Automation of these processes allows for cost reduction and minimizes the number of errors. The dynamic advancement of technology and increasing market demands compel electronic device manufacturers to invest in improving assembly processes, enhancing productivity, and reducing the risk of delivering faulty products.

Complex SCARA robot ripper on assembly line

Robotic Mechanical Assembly

The mechanical assembly of modules or devices from semi-finished products is worth automating. Often, these processes involve pick & place operations with assembly ready-made PCBs and additional elements such as washers, seals, or spacer sleeves inside enclosures. SCARA robots are well-suited for such tasks. The advantages of this solution include precision, repeatability, and speed. An appropriately designed robot gripper allows for adaptation to the product type and integration of various operations in a small space. The gripper is equipped with manipulators, vision systems for guidance or verification, as well as screwdrivers and screw-feeding systems. Robotic workstations can be designed to operate independently or in line with a conveyor system. The right number of robotized stations and appropriate pallet transport motion management software enables production optimization over time.

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Adhesive and Sealant Application

Depending on the type of components and product purpose, it is necessary to dispense and apply substances with various properties, such as adhesives, sealants, and thermo/electro-conductive compounds. In the assembly line for PTC heaters, a thermally conductive adhesive is dosed with compensation for the actual component position on the pallet. The solution, based on a vision system, servo drive and scale, allows for the correct application of the layer with precision of ±0.0125g and droplet diameter of approximately 1.9mm. The proper glue mixture is ensured by a system of dosing needles with a mixing tube with a constant mixing ratio. Servo-controlled dispensing pistons feed substrates into the mixing tube. The connection is stabilized at the thermal curing station by heating the component to a temperature of around 100-120°C. Another automatic glue application system handles the side walls of the component with dosing precision of ±0.005g.

Infrared Welding

Infrared welding is a clean assembly process for plastic components, utilizing a special movable head with a lamp and a reflective inner surface. The head is moved onto a plastic peg, which positions the components to be joined. The reflective interior of the head concentrates the infrared energy from the lamp onto the plastic peg, heating it up. The plastic becomes soft, and a tip presses it, flattening and forming the peg to secure the components.

Robot gripper

Complex SCARA robot gripper with vision systems and screw feeding system

Robots on LED lamp assembly line

Synchronized robots on LED lamps assembly line

Autonomous PTC assembly line

Autonomous PTC assembly line

Precise assembly and glue dispensing

Precise assembly and glue dispensing on PTC assmbly line


Infrared staking (welding) header on LED lamps assembly line

Magnets gluing

Electric motors assembly line - magnets gluing

ELPLC SA machines and lines

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